Erasmus+ Programme’s

Life Long @ Learning

…aims at promoting the use of ICT in adult learning focusing on ICT tools for distance learning, through the exchange of good practices between the partners and in response to the priorities of the Programme.

The main product is an educational guide for a course “Life Long @ Learning”. The proposed course is based on good distance learning and teaching practices and is the outcome of the combination of methodologies deriving from the multidisciplinary approach of the members of the partnership as well as from the experience gained during teaching in the various participating countries.

  • Enhance digital integration in learning at various levels

    Supporting teachers, trainers and educational staff in acquiring or improving the use of ICT for learning and related digital competences

  • Developing adult educator’s competences

    To deal with diversified groups of learners and make use of new technologies for better outreach and teaching outcomes

  • Improving and extending the offer of high quality learning opportunities

    Tailored to individual adult learners, including through innovative ways of outreach and delivery