• Host

    Inercia Digital

  • Dates

    14th of June, 2017

  • Place

    Huelva, Spain

  • Participants


The Third Transnational Meeting was held in El Rompido, Spain, in the headquarters of Inercia Digital S.L, oh 13th and 14th of July, in parallel with the Training Activity.

During the meeting, all partners presented their activities in the period between meetings. It was discussed about preparation of the materials for the Guide and preparations for the C1 event. The representative from the CDI informed about audit from the NA and directions given by them for the documents needed for justification of activities (transnational meetings, project management, and intellectual outputs).

A plan for implementing the IO2 was also presented. It will start immediately after the C1 activity with identifying the organisation and the course that will be piloted in each organization. The piloting will end on 30th of October 2017 with collecting the feedback from the pilot projects. Every partner will pilot at least one course following the guide. The feedback will be used to finalize the guide.