• Host

    Volkshochschule Hannover

  • Dates

    24th of November, 2017

  • Place

    Hannover, Germany

  • Participants


The last 24th of November, the fourth transnational meeting for the LifeLong@Learning Project under the Erasmus+ program, was held in Hanover, Germany. The meeting was organized by our German partner, Volkshochschule Hannover, and took place on the main building of their offices.

The participants of the event were Sreten Kočeski (CDI), Nebojša Trpkovski (CDI), Biljana Mojsovska (LLC), David Lopez (La Ligue de l’Enseignement), Christian Geiselmann (VHS Hannover), Thomas Schwieger (VHS Hannover), Borja V. Muñoz (Inercia Digital) y José Francisco Santos Suero (Inercia Digital)

The main objective of LifeLong@Learning project was to develop an educational guide for a course “Life Long @Learning”. The proposed course is based on good distance learning and teaching practices and is the outcome of the combination of methodologies deriving from the multidisciplinary approach of the members of the partnership as well as from the experience gained during the teaching in the various participating countries.

During the meeting, the partnership discussed about different issues of the project state, and the next steps of the project were established. Inercia Digital, presented the 56 pages English guide and afterwards, the discussion touched the following topics: more graphics to be included in the guide, appearance of the electronic version and translation of the guide in partner languages.

CDI proposed to introduce a flow diagram with the steps of the needs of e-learning in the guide, fruit of the feedback gathered in the IO2, the piloting phase.

Dissemination activities were thoroughly reviewed. The dates and the content of the multiplier events were discussed, all of them to take place between January and February 2018, right before the end of the project.

Finally, the partnership chose the date for the next meeting, which will take place in Skopje, Macedonia, the next 7th of February.